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Warrior Soul Classics Ltd. Ed.
Classics Ltd.Ed.
Warrior Soul
Lowdrive - Rise


Kory Clarke - Paybacks a Bitch
Paybacks a Bitch
Kory Clarke
Kory Clarke - Opium Hotel II
Opium Hotel II
Kory Clarke
Kory Clarke - Opium Hotel
Opium Hotel
Kory Clarke
Billygoat - Billygoat

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The place where most of the production related works took and take place.

Designed to allow maximum expressiveness, since 2007.

Revel Night Festival 2022

revel night


The showcase for our bands, next to its 10th edition.

“Rock Me On” Single by Baby Ruth Digital Release

"Rock Me On" is a single by Baby Ruth, recorded back in 2003 at Kamikaze Hit Farm and released exclusively through Perris Records on the "Hollywood Hairspray...

Ltd. Edition Warrior Soul “Classics” Album Available for Pre-order

"Classics" is the Warrior Soul first decade celebration album. Originally released back in 2000, it is a special selection of songs from first five albums of...

“Rise” Album by Lowdrive Available for Pre-order

"Rise" is the second album by Lowdrive and it will be released in Red Vinyl Limited Edition 200 pcs, handnumered, already available in pre-order from our...