They Die

They Die is a dark band born in 2020, based in Italy, with a minimal sound between post-punk, goth and batcave. They Die offer the sounds of the dawn of the genre of the early eighties revisited in a contemporary key.

Discography – Deviant Love (2021)


Primitive Mule

Primitive Mule

Primitive Mule meet each other in Milan in June 2014.
Each member comes from a different musical background, and over the years the four have found and maintained
melodic alchemy, as well as a well defined group feel and atmosphere.
The roots of their sound are in classic rock, psychedelia, genuine punk, soul and funk rhythms, tapping into more contemporary genres such as grunge, brit pop, indie, and american stoner rock.
Nuanced, high energy riffs united to refined lyrics transmit Primitive Mule’s great care in song composition. They lead listeners to reflect on and empathize with anger, defeat and revenge, while bringing them into social awareness through a healthy dose of irony.
By looking into the mirror, Primitive Mule unveil their innermost selves, and tell us how they relate to life and their ambitions, sometimes by giving raw answers to reality.

Discography – Mister Sister (2021)


Mr. Woland

In August 2017 five lost soul musicians were summoned in Padova, Italy, by Mr. Woland to spread his diabolic and mighty word through rock&roll. That’s what GG Rock, il Pupilla, Millo, Simov and Tiz love to play: faster, louder rock&roll.
Characterized by punk attitude, hardcore ethic, a bit of glam taste and a heavy sound, they started playing together at Rocketbooster Studio and in March 2018 they finally debuted live with their own songs.
Since then, Mr. Woland was pleased to share the stage with fellow local bands as well as international acts such as Backyard Babies and Therapy?.
In February 2019 the first single, “Margarita”, was published on Spotify by Jetglow Recordings as long as a videoclip on Youtube.
On April 24th Mr. Woland’s debut album, “Kerigma”, will be released in Cd, vynil Lp and digital tracks format (available on Spotify) by Jetglow Recordings.

Mr. Woland is gonna rock your life.

Warrior Souls

Warrior Soul is an American alternative metal band formed by lead singer and producer Kory Clarke.


Ubris is a stoner rock band formed in 2015 out of the desire by Morgan and Enrico, bandmates from 8fulstrike, to find new expressive ways to fall and vanish.
After several attempts to complete the line up, the band has found two new elements: Diego, on solo guitar, and Alessia on bass took part in the project.
In November 2018 they released their first album “HobolO”, produced by GG Rock for Jetglow Recordings. The album sounds like a stoner oriented one, with many guitar’s layers, space jams and muddy dreamlike atmospheres.

The Brokendolls
The Wankerss

The Wankerss have been raging the Italian underground rock scene since the very beginning of the new millennium. Significantly inspired by the wildest 70s punk and by the heaviest hard rock of the following decade, The Wankerss take their first steps live
with performances marked by a fast, rough and rabid sound, supported by a vibrant punk attitude. Their early songs mix such rage and speed, but also present those features that will mark the band’s songwriting. A hard rock/punk-inspired base is matched by an attention to guitar solo details filling music spaces in their major role, and an inclination of lyrics and melody lines to highlight the darkest and shamelessly disenchanted side of real life, thus creating a brand-new and original soundspace.
After two self-produced demos, which embody the artistic path The Wankerss have followed since their very beginning, the band was noticed by Jetglow Recordings, a lively underground label from Padova, which releases their first official work in 2008, the single “Lullaby for annihilation”.
Only in 2010 did the band debut with its first full-length album “Tales for a sweet demise”, again released by Jetglow Recordings. The album received excellent reviews in Italy and internationally, and contains ten songs, again based on solid punk grounds, but characterized by a markedly rock sound, which ultimately voice guitar solos and the lyrics’ topics.
Between the album release and 2015 the band has been committed to a permanent live activity which led it to share the stage with bands such as Zeke and Warrior Soul, who have clearly marked their sound.
April 24th 2015 will see the release, again with Jetglow Recordings, of “Blackborn”, the band’s new album. This new chapter is darker than ever, the sound is heavier and more mature and the new songs are the summary of a lifestyle, of a way of living life trying to get to the end without mere illusions, only aware of your own means and possibilities.


8FUL STRIKE was born in 2008 in Padua from 7 musicians coming from different bands and backgrounds, but with the same aim: to create a new project, a new band to mix all their different influences and their will to shock the audience from every point of view. Their idea of a metal band is a synergy of intents, music, inspiration and visual impact.

Influenced by modern bands from the NWOAHM, with adds from the HC world and a taste of old school shit, they created their own style and will spread it with strenght, granting every time so a powerful live show, full of energy, motion, anger and hate, that you won’t be able to ignore it!

The 7 musicians started performing in the North-East of Italy, sharing the stage with many important bands of the local scene and taking part in different contests. 2 years of live shows brang them to the attention of different recording labels and in 2010 they finally reached an agreement with JetGlow Recordings.

In November 2010 they released their first LP “Leave Yourself Behind”,under JetGlow Recordings. The album is the result of more than two years of hard work and sacrifices.

In 2011 the band continued spreading their first studio piece touring in Italy and Switzerland, advertising it in many radio programs and magazines, with good answers from the critics.

In 2012 the band, with the support of friends, radios and other bands, decided to promote a campaign in favor of underground music to help the scene in growing and improving.
They also kept gigs going and shot their first videoclip for the track “Blind”, followed by a second release, the EP “EnvironmentalBreakdown”, and another videoclip for the titletrack.

In summer 2012 they won the JoRock Contest 2012 and reach the 3rd place at AltichieRock, and shared the stage with the american hard rock monsters Warrior Soul, plus the finest underground italian act, Destrage.

The band is currently working on their third release under Jetglow Recordings, the most brutal and intense groove metal record that they ever wrote, expected to land on earth in Spring 2016.

8FULSTRIKE…Stay tuned, the hate never gives up…



Nel 2012 nasce a Padova, nell’indifferenza dei media e dell’opinione pubblica, un cucciolo speciale.
Cresce viziato e coccolato, ma purtroppo vittima di continui episodi di bullismo da parte dei gatti del quartiere. Per darsi un tono ed esorcizzare la propria timidezza si autoassegna quindi il titolo di Capobranco, assecondato dai suoi tre genitori, tanto forti di un’intesa consolidata da anni di esperienze comuni quanto ormai debilitati da un lungo percorso attraverso le band più o meno rock della provincia. Babyruth, Crackhouse, the Vintage e Club11 sono parte del discretamente popolato curriculum del nostro power trio.
Nella primavera del 2013 arrivano le prime esibizioni pubbliche, accompagnate dalla pubblicazione del suo primo latrato, il singolo “Re di Carta”.

Oggi il sedicente Capobranco è diventato un bell’esemplare. Dietro all’aspetto ruvido e poco accomodante non riesce a nascondere la propria indole ironica e scanzonata. “Non giudicatemi dalle apparenze” è infatti l’appello che rivolge a chiunque lo incontri.
Ormai pronto all’emancipazione, nel 2014 è uscito per Jetglow Recordings il primo LP. Su una solida base funk rock il Capobranco canta di sé e di tutti quei temi che fanno parte della vita del buon cane moderno: amicizia, amore e l’importanza della bellezza interiore, senza tralasciare di dire la sua su alcuni personaggi dello showbiz ritenuti un po’ sopravvalutati.